When I look at multimedia pieces, I’m usually drawn to pieces that strike an emotional chord, those that show the viewer something they would not have been able to understand otherwise. Pieces that words alone could not bring justice. I found this is a PBS documentary called “Child Brides, Stolen Lives done by Producer Amy Bucher, Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa, Senior Producer Lesley Norman and Executive Producer John Siceloff. This was a one hour video documentary about the damage to the lives of young girls who were forced into early marriages in foreign countries.

Hinojosa visited countries in India, Africa and Latin America for this piece, focusing mostly on the emotional aspect of the issue. The piece mainly revolved around personal interviews and moving visuals. This is a great story to have presented through a video medium because you can actually see the innocence and fear in the eyes of the 13-year-old girls who had to deal with being an adult at such an early age.
In India, when Chukha told her story of abuse and rejection by her in-laws, the video picked up the emotional pain in her eyes. In the end, the video showed that there is hope. You see this hope in the girls as well as they smile through their fears and pain.

Even though I liked this piece, I still saw that some changes could be made to make it better. For instance, the producers could have gone beyond video and made this more of an online piece, incorporating facts and statistics. They could include statistical data on the side about child brides in different countries. The video showed hope but it didn’t show how change could be made. They should provide ways for individuals to get involved (maybe in a box on the side). I also would cut out the piece in the beginning of Hinojosa speaking to the camera and just focus on the girls.