The BBC World News’ Facebook page currently has 7, 854 fans. That might be a big number to the average Facebook user, who, according to the Facebook’s company statistics, only has an average of 130 friends on the site. But compared to other news organization’s Facebook pages (with fans numbering in the tens and hundred of thousands), the BBC’s Facebook page could use a serious facelift. Here’s how:

1. Get a new profile picture.

BBC World News only has one Facebook picture that looks like it was scanned from the 70s. The Huffington Post has three profile pictures,  CNN has 5 (albeit all very similar), NYTimes has 13, and the Washington Post has a whopping 20. The Washington Post, though only a regional publication and probably on the brink of bankruptcy, has five times the number of fans as BBC World News does (as of this instant, 37,300 to be exact).

2. Have better wall posts.

Most other news organization Facebook pages have a wall filled with news. CNN features links to a lot of breaking news stories.  The Huffington Post, with close to 90,000 fans, post more light-hearted links, like creepy classifieds or the Funny or Die Playground Politics video. The BBC World News’ Facebook wall, however, is filled with pictures of TV and radio journalists for the company. Basically the faces the public already see all the time. Sadly, with these posts, the only thing you can click on are links to enlarge these pictures. The texts that accompany these pictures are only a prelude to what these journalists will be talking about. There aren’t very many links to actual news stories or pictures of news stories.

3.  Improve Facebook/social networking integration on their main website.

The BBC does a good job of providing a Facebook link at the bottom of all their stories on their website. However, this “share” option only includes five social networks. CNN’s website has 20 options of social networking outlets to share their stories (hence they have about 780,000 fans). Additionally, CNN has a “Tools and Extras” page where their readers/viewers can instantly fan them on facebook or follow them via Twitter, mobile phone, widget, etc.

4. Create a more exciting and interactive layout.

The New York Times, with about 527,000 fans, has its very own Olympics tab. This page has news links, videos, photos and plenty of space for user comments — something the New York Times get plenty of. They also have plenty of videos and photos for users to browse. The BBC World News has no videos and again, mostly photos of only their presenters.